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SLA Orders Emergency Suspension for Buffalo Bar
Bar Shut Down
Bar run by 4D Associates Inc, (DBA "Mojos") in Buffalo New York gets suspension. This was a result of sales to minors that entered the bar by providing IDs that clearly stated they were under 21 years of age. After entering the bar, the minors were able to procure alcohol at the bar without issue.

Internet Alcohol Sales
meeting on August 12 2013
A meeting in the Full Board Room at the Authority’s NYC offices at 317 Lenox Ave., will take place on August 12 at 10:00 a.m. Its purpose will be to get industry input regarding the regulation of Internet sales. The meeting will be open to the public and webcast. Because of limited space, those who wish to attend, either in-person in NYC or via video link from the Authority’s Albany or Buffalo offices, should notify the Authority by email, no later than August 5

90 Stores Caught Selling To Minors
Undercover Investigation
90 stores were caught selling alcohol to minors in a recent sting by the NYS Liquor Authority. The penalties can go up to $10,000 and potential revocation or suspensio of license

Strenghtening and Support New York's Craft Breweries
New Laws
Governor Cuomo signed legislation that helps craft Breweries in the State of New York. It's no news that the Governor has focuse recently on helping producers of alcohol in the State, but with this new law, the small brewers will protect their tax benefits. While the law does not affect big companies, small brewers should feel the benefit especially throught the creation of the Farm Brewery license that allows them to expand their business and open restaurant or sell new products. The Governor noted: "In addition to producing some of the finest beer in the world, New York's craft breweries are creating jobs, supporting our state's farmers and hops growers, as well as bringing in tourism dollars in local communities across New York,"

Wholesaler Shutdown Period
For 2013
Pursuant to SLA Advisory #2013-4, wholesalers may opt into any part of a Summer 2013 Wholesaler Shutdown Period requested by Empire Merchants and approved by the Full Board, from July 15, 2013 through July 26, 2013. Wholesalers wishing to participate must provide the SLA with their chosen shutdown dates as well as a customer service contact number for retailers to utilize for C.O.D. and other compliance issues during the 2013 Summer Shutdown Period. Retailers are advised to check with their respective wholesalers regarding participation in any Shutdown Period and the availability of deliveries during these time periods. In addition, retail credit cycles shall be adjusted for retail purchases made from participating wholesalers, as follows: Orders shipped from Monday, July 1, 2013 through Friday, July 12, 2013 will be deemed delivered on Friday, July 12, 2013 which shall be considered the date of delivery for same. The final payment date for such deliveries shall be Monday, August 12, 2013. Retail credit cycles remain unchanged for purchases made from wholesalers that choose not to opt into any portion of this Wholesaler Shutdown Period. .

New Rules For "New Year's" Permits
New Year's Celebration
NYSLA has new rules concerning permits issues for the all night "New Year's" celebration permits. They allow for the selling of alcohol after 4am.

Internet Sales Of Alcohol
New Tourism Campaign and Regulatory Reforms at New York's First Liquor Summit
Governor Cuomo was host to the first New York Beer, Wine and spirits Summit. Here he made public the plan for a new marketing campaign aimed at promoting wine, beer, cider and spirits produces in the State of New York, as well as tourism. "Over the past 22 months, my administration has focused on opening New York's doors to business and improving our state's business climate to support growing industries so we can create jobs and grow the economy," Governor Cuomo said. "New York's vibrant beer, wine, cider and spirits industry supports thousands of jobs across the state and is a major driver of tourism in many communities. The important discussion held at this summit and key reforms that resulted continue our work as an entrepreneurial government to partner with the private sector to help key industries thrive and prosper." What you may not know is that New York is number 2 in the nation when it comes to distilleries, and ranks nr. 3 in the USA for wine and grape production.

Changes To The 30-Day Advanced Notice
Standardized Notice Form for Providing a 30-Day Advanced Notice
The NYSLA has recently changed forms and added more provisions for the 30 Day Advanced Notice. Mistakes or not following the proper procedure can result in delays or even application dissaproval. One more reason why using Rezzonator Services is more important than ever.

SLA Posts Shut Down Periods For Wholesalers
Periods Posted
For the year 2015 the SLA has just posted two shutdown periods. Wholesalers can opt into either of the periods, but not both. The first period is from July 6 to July 12 delivery dates. The second period is from July 13 to July 19th delivery dates.




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